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SnoWest NewsLetter

White Outs ... (Staff Blogs)

Making Tracks (Part 2)

There has been a longstanding argument between which track length is the best. For some (like Ted George in Jackson who has built a 201-inch track), longer is always better. For others, it's not the length but how you use it.

Even within the offices at SnoWest we have mixed opinions on track lengths. The politically correct (and manly) answer is to say longer tracks are always better. But the reality is that our staff tends to take out the 153-155 length sleds more often than the longer ones. (Maybe track speed has its merits.)

Although nobody has every figured out whether you get stuck more often on the 153-155 sleds, there's always that lingering thought that when you do get stuck, maybe the longer tracks would not have. Yet, there's never that thought when you get stuck on a longer track that the shorter tracks would have make it past that particular spot.

So is longer better?

The beauty of living in a free society is twofold: first, you can participate in an exciting pastime like snowmobiling; second, you can buy whatever track length you desire. Throw in the bonus of free speech and you can argue with anyone you want about the merits of a longer track.

Good riders on shorter tracks can do some very impressive things. Good riders on long tracks can do some very impressive things. Conclusion: Good riders are good riders regardless of what they ride. Chances are bad riders are bad riders regardless of what they ride. Perhaps what's most important is that we spend more time on the snow practicing so we can all become better riders.

Anyone wants to join me?

Steve Janes Blog

Snow Fronts ... (Industry Headlines)

Search For A Champion

Federal-Mogul's iconic Champion brand features an expanded version of its popular "Search for a Champion" promotion. The contest, which attracted hundreds of video entries in 2012, will award $125,000 in Champion motorsports sponsorships for the 2013 racing season.

"'Search for a Champion' connected the latest leading-edge Champion technologies with millions of consumers, including a new generation of racers and performance enthusiasts," Michael Proud, director of marketing, North America, Federal-Mogul, said. "We are dramatically expanding its reach and the available sponsorship dollars to propel the Champion bowtie logo into the winner's circle in virtually every form of engine-driven racing in 2013."
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2013 Sea-Doo, Can-Am Products

BRP dealers and distributors from around the world gathered in Marylandto attend the unveiling of model year 2013 Can-Am Spyder roadsters and Sea-Doo watercraft. BRP also introduced two additional new products to its current 2013 Can-Am off-road line-up: the Can-Am Maverick sport side-by-side vehicle and a new Can-Am Outlander ATV.

At SnoWest Magazine's sister publication, Dirt Toys Magazine, we provided lots of details on the Dirt Toys website ( about the new Maverick and Outlander 650 X mr.
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EPA's Four-Gallon Minimum Mandate

The latest mandate handed down from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is so ridiculous, even I was shocked. The EPA has now mandated how much gasoline you must buy at certain gas stations. Say hello to the Obama Administration's four gallon minimum.

This unprecedented EPA overreach applies when filling up at a gas station that provides both E15 and E10, gasoline with 15 or 10 percent of ethanol, respectively, from the same hose.

At the insistence of the ethanol industry, the Obama Administration is pushing E15 into the marketplace, regardless of the serious concerns about the fuel's impact on drivers. From its inception, E15 is a study in the consequences of government interference in the marketplace. The EPA's decision to set a minimum purchase requirement is just the most recent example.
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Outlast Partners With Yamaha

Outlast Technologies has expanded its presence in the North American market via a partnership with Yamaha Motor Canada to bring winter riding gear and an all-weather jacket to market for the 2012-2013 season. New products feature six different lines including the Yamaha X-Country, YamahaRevi Mountain, SnoForce X-Country, SnoForceRevi Mountain, Yamaha Regulator and TRIC Regulator styles.

"Our partnership with Yamaha is indicative of the versatile functionality of our technology from everyday wear to performance products," Heather Manuel, Outlast North America sales and marketing director, said. "We want consumers to experience the extra-sensory comfort that our technology provides, whether they're running errands or participating in activities like snowmobiling."
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Cat Sponsors USXC Racing

Arctic Cat has announced the sponsorship of the recently formed USXC (United States X-Country), the premier cross-country snowmobile racing circuit that will provide a series of terrain races in the Midwest during the 2012-2013 season.

USXC owner, Brian Nelson formed the cross country race organization after the USCC announced it would be ceasing operations for the coming year.
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Polaris 600 IQ Race Sled

Polaris snowmobile racers aboard the 2013 Polaris 600 IQ Race Sled will hit the track with increased horsepower from a new engine package that enhances drivers' ability to grab holeshots and deliver improved performance across the power range.

The 2013 version of the 600 IQ Race Sled also features a redesigned track, enhanced shock adjustability, improved brakes and other changes designed to increase Polaris racers' competitive advantage.
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Forum Snow Balls...

Here are the top posts on the SnoWest Forums for the past few days.

Huge Thanks From The Utah Avalanche Center!

Rk Tek 860 big bore

Fix this fix that ?

FS handlebar streamers for pro rmks

has anyone weighed the 2013s yet?

Something cool we are testing for the Pro

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