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SnoWest NewsLetter

White Outs ... (Staff Blogs)

Turning Off The Heat …

With a major winter storm slamming Alaska, it's obvious that winter is coming upon us at a fairly fierce pace. And although you expect that a state that is as far north as it gets to be one of the first states to experience winter, the way this storm made its assault indicates what we may come to expect this winter.

From the reports that we've been reading from various sources, this winter is expected to be good when it comes to snow fall. And the more snow, the better.

Last winter was good for the snowmobile industry. It came early, it stayed late and it provided plenty of snowmobiling opportunities across the snow belt.

You may not recognize the significance of an early snow. But those who work in snowmobile dealerships do. Early snow helps new sled sales, used sled sales and aftermarket part sales. These early sales provide the incentive and motivation for companies to invest in the R & D required to create new products.

Certainly there's a downside with these storms. They play havoc on travel condition. But the upside is really good for the snowmobile industry. And anything good for the industry is going to translate into better snowmobiling experiences for the rest of us.


Steve Janes Blog
Ryan Harris Blog

Snow Fronts ... (Industry Headlines)

E15 Damages Marine Engines

Last month the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy released the results of two studies on the effects of using fuel that is 15 percent ethanol in volume (E15) in marine engines. The studies were conducted on engines provided by two marine engine manufactures; both are members of National Marine Manufacturers Association.

The long-awaited reports show significant problems with outboard, stern drive and inboard engines. Results of the reports show severe damage to engine components and an increase in exhaust emissions, reinforcing the recreational boating industry's concern that E15 is not a suitable fuel for marine engines.
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Snowmobiling Benefits Worldwide

The snowmobile community generates more than $28 billion in economic activity in North America. Snowmobiling supports more than 90,000 full time jobs and generates millions of tax dollars. There are many ways that snowmobiling impacts on the economy. The production and sales of snowmobiles and the related products generates substantive economic impact and employment. In addition, there are thousands of snowmobile dealers and distributors of snowmobile parts that generate significant economic impact locally and nationally.

The largest single impact of snowmobiling can be seen in studying the tourism activity reports. In addition to snowmobile tourism, there are many snowmobiling events which generate millions of dollars of economic impact which are not considered in economic impact studies. Whether it is a snowmobile grass drag, an oval race, snocross race or a hillclimb, they all collectively have a positive impact on the economy.
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Jefferson Threatened Again

Senator John Tester's Montana Wilderness bill, which would designate Mt. Jefferson as Wilderness, is back in play again. This time it's an attachment on the Interior Department-EPA appropriations bill. Congressman Mike Simpson is chairman of the House Interior Appropriations Committee and it is critical that we remind him of how important the south half of Mt. Jefferson is to Idaho.

Please take the time to let Congressman Simpson know that we need Mt. Jefferson left open. It is easy to do so as our friends at Nike say, "Just do it."
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Forum Snow Balls...

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