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SnoWest NewsLetter

White Outs ... (Staff Blogs)

Let's see, it goes "30 days past September; April, June and November …" By my math, that means October is the only long month left we have to wade through before we see the snow fly. And that month is loaded with snowmobile shows across the country.

So now that we're into September (which only has 30 days … including Haydays), I'd say the season is officially upon us. It’s time to start placing those orders for snowmobile accessories that will make this winter the best ever.

Okay, so some of you may not like the way I do my math. The temperatures have been in the 90s. Most of us are either in the harvest, getting (our kids) back in school, and stock-piling an ample supply of beverage for the upcoming football season.

But don't look now, the winter is coming full bore (take a look at some of the winter forecast links below) and it's time to get the sled ready for riding. And look at the bright side. By the time you get through this newsletter, the season will be that much closer.


Steve Janes Blog
Ryan Harris Blog

Snow Fronts ... (Industry Headlines)

Military Planning Silent Snowmobiles

In a story by the Mark Newsroom, it seems Canada is putting more faith in its snowmobile budget than nuclear weapons or missile defense to keep those pesky Russians (and musk ox) in check.

The Department of National Defense plans to invest $550,000 into the project aimed at solidifying Arctic sovereignty via military riding "silent" snowmobiles. Nothing was mentioned whether the DND would also invest in a silent groomer.
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Fall Snowmobile Shows Are Here

We don't know about you, but we can't wait for the fall snowmobile show season to start. Here is a list of the snowmobile shows you'll find in the West and links on how to find more information.

Oct. 7-9Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Show - Denver, CO
Oct. 15-16Washington State Snowmobile Association Expo & Swap Meet - Puyallup, WA
Oct. 21-22Intermountain Snowmobile Show - Salt Lake City, UT
Oct. 21-23Alberta Snowmobile ATV & Off-Road Show - Edmonton, AB
Nov. 4-6Saskatchewan Snowmobile Association Snowmobile Show - Saskatoon, SK
Nov. 12Winter Knights Snow & ATV Show - Spokane, WA
Nov. 18-19Idaho Snowmobile Show Boise, ID

Winter Forecasts

Thanks to Ed Klim, president of the International Snowmobile Manufacturers Association, we have some quick links to weather predictions for this coming winter that will certainly make planning for our snowmobile vacations a little more promising.

So if you are ready to get stoked at the winter outlook, click on the following links.

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Forum Snow Balls...

Here are the top posts on the SnoWest Forums for the past two days.

Shredding the mountains like very few can.
BossRev posts a video by Justin Cowett that offers some instant winter inspiration. This is what tree riding is all about.

2012 Proclimb M153 on the scales
When it comes to sled weight, the discussions on the forums can get fairly interesting. But what does it really mean? Jeff C chimes in on the sixth post.

Raising our license fees, I'm at the budget meeting.
JETJOHNDO alerts Washington snowmobilers what is happening at the State Parks Winter Rec meeting in Wenatchee. It's nice to know that we have eyes everywhere.

Uinta Riding with Idaho Friends
Not everyone is sitting in an air conditioned room waiting for summer. The forum's girlpowder shows us that there are plenty of ways to enjoy the summer.

How to tell when you are addicted to snowmobiling.
Here Lococoin leads a discussion on simple things we do in our lives that may indicate we have a snowmobile addiction. Perhaps the keeper is the comment made by slash925.

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